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The state or action of flowering, or a period of time when this happens.

"Efflorescence" explores the Black Woman as a soft, delicate, and vulnerable being. Often in mainstream media, Black women are presented as strong, sassy and independent while the softer side is not always shown.

This concept challenges that.

Tobi Sobowale approached this concept from an artistic perspective playing with the idea of women being flowers themselves and using props to affirm the idea of delicacy. Each photo present the journey flowers undergo using bold colours and dynamic lighting as key elements. of my work that will be implemented in this shoot.

As part of Projext Liquid Studios ongoing work to support all creatives, The Liquid Scheme showcases Tobi's work in LiquidMag Issue 7. Physical copy available to pre-order here

Photographer / Art Director: Tobi Sobowale

Talent: Anu Elegbede , Kae

Make-up Artist: Ayomikun Omole

Stylist: Tarina Caesar

To find out more about the scheme and apply, please contact


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