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Bold and Beautiful: Vlady Vala Unleash a Kaleidoscope of Colours

As the seasons change, so too does the landscape of beauty. London Photographer Vlady Vala brings a wave of audacity and self-expression as she fearlessly pushes boundaries igniting a revolution in her latest work. Hypperalistic and bright colors take center stage, breathing life into each frame. Vivid blues and electrifying neons dance with metallic brilliance, creating a symphony of hues that defy convention.

Vlady explore's the rich and diverse palettes that nature has to offer. Focusing on the interplay between garments and objects, they create a tapestry of contrasting colors that speaks to the very essence of aesthetics. Earthy tones collide with vibrant pops of color, creating a visual symphony that captivates the senses. Her impeccable attention to detail is exhibited as she curate a narrative that seamlessly blends fashion with the artistic essence of the world around us.

This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of artistry and self-expression as we sit down with Vlady to talk about the inspiration and creative process behind it.

Photographer: Vlady Vala

Photographer Assistant: Yana Luhanova

Makeup Artist: Rosie Heley

Hair Stylist: Akari Matsumuto

Model: Fiona

Could you please introduce us to your work, what attracts you to photography and a brief explanation to your style of images? 

I am a great lover of bright colours, using it for 99% of my work. For me the colour is most important component when I am preparing for the brief. I tent to struggle when I shoot something neutral. I love to experiment and pair colours together. 


What was your thought process when setting up the shoot you did with our studio? 

The mood board for this particular shoot was made around a year ago and we did manage to organise it, but ended up with completely different concept than was initially planned. When I heard Projext Liquid offering a studio session I thought it’s finally the right time for me to re-shoot it again. I always try to make my shoots fun and to give an opportunity for the rest of the team to experiment, if we don’t then what’s the point? We had a lot of spontaneous ideas on set, sometimes challenging. Once I have the visual in my head I won’t stop until I get the right results.


How did you come up with your ideas? 

My main source of inspiration is nature, it comes through observation of everything that surrounds me on daily basis whether its a blue sky or rose in the garden. I like to explore the forests, hidden paths, fields and be amazed by richness of different colour palettes. As for photography, I was always very impressed by the work of William Eggleston, he is the godfather of colour photography. Back in 2012 I saw his saturated ‘Democratic forest’ series and next day I already bought my first film camera and started to experiment with colour film. 


Were there any specific styles you wanted to explore to showcase your photography skills?

There’s at least 10 new techniques and styles that I want to try and this will be my goal in 2024. One of them is a documentary, perhaps more reportage style fashion imagery. 

Is there anything you would like to add extra to your experience that may be important? 

I just wanted to say thank you to Project Liquid for an opportunity to use their space and create a piece of work that my team is very proud of! I hope this is a start for the new beginning and a long-lasting friendship! 


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