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Reliving the Past: Childera Shoots Goes Back in Time to the '90s/Y2K Era

In this age of fast-paced technology and ever-evolving trends, there's something undeniably alluring about revisiting the past. The '90s and Y2K era, with its vibrant fashion, iconic music, and bold aesthetics, has captivated the hearts of many, serving as a nostalgic time capsule that continues to inspire creativity and innovation today.

Childera Shoots, is a visionary black photographer hailing from the streets of East London. With a unique eye for capturing the essence of individuals, Chidera's passion for photography knows no bounds. From the moment she first laid hands on a camera, she knew she had found her true calling. A true artist, Chidera believes that everyone possesses their own distinct beauty, and through her lens, she strives to immortalize that beauty for the world to see.

Collaborating with us here at Projext Liquid Studios, this project takes the magic of the '90s/Y2K era and melds it seamlessly with Chidera's artistic sensibilities. Aiming to create images that not only mesmerize but also serve as a vessel for storytelling and emotion. Through her lense, Chidera captures the raw emotions and personalities of her subjects while infusing each frame with a captivating blend of artistry and authenticity.

Photographer: @chiderashoots

Talent: @lizlawal

Makeup Artist: @alerohbeauty

Stylist: @teleolaaa

To find out more about the scheme and apply, please contact


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