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Photography Ambassador

Are you a talented photographer looking for new opportunities to showcase your work and grow your photography business?

Our studio is excited to announce a new ambassador incentive program that rewards photographers for bringing their clients to our studio. Here at Projext Liquid, we are passionate about creating a positive and supportive community for photographers of all levels. This ambassador program is designed to celebrate photographers who bring their clients to our studio, while also empowering photographers to grow their own businesses.

Our photographer ambassador program is designed to identify and collaborate with up to 5 exceptional photographers who embody our studio's vision and values. As ambassadors, these photographers will champion our brand and inspire their clients to book with us, creating a win-win situation for all involved. Our incentive program operates through a points system. Whenever your client books a session with our studio, you earn a point. These points, accumulated over time, can then be redeemed for your own free studio time.

This photographer ambassador program embraces the spirit of collaboration, empowerment, and creativity. As a representative of our studio, you'll not only earn free studio time for your personal shoots or test shoots but also benefit from enhanced exposure and exclusive discounts.


If you are a passionate and dedicated photographer, we invite you to apply here

Becoming an Ambassador and Benefits
Becoming a photographer ambassador is an opportunity to further develop your craft while enjoying a range of exclusive benefits. As an ambassador, you must be an active photographer who shoots a few times a month. In return for your representation and commitment, you'll gain access to a host of advantages:

- Free Studio Time: Immerse yourself in our well-equipped studio space, where you can explore your creativity without any additional cost. Our backdrops and cutting-edge equipment are at your disposal, empowering you to capture extraordinary moments.

- Exposure: Our studio will showcase your work on our social media pages, online platforms, and print magazine. We believe in amplifying your artistic voice and celebrating your unique perspective, providing you with increased visibility and opportunities.

- Monthly Discounts: As an ambassador, you'll enjoy a standing monthly discount of 20% off our studio services. This discount ensures that your ongoing collaborations with us remain affordable and accessible, allowing you to focus on your artistry.

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